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Easy Guide To Check Npower ID Number For Ongoing Data Update

This update is for N-Power beneficiaries who are trying to get their N-Power ID number because of the ongoing data collection by State focal persons.

In the ongoing data collection of some states, the N-Power ID number is requested amongst other things. So we decided to compile this update for N-Power volunteers who do not know how to access their N-Power ID numbers.

The N-Power ID number is a number assigned to every N-Power volunteer on the npvn portal. The number comprises of the N-Power beneficiary’s State, year of enrollment, and other short numbers as seen in the image.

How To Check Your N-Power ID number
Follow the steps below to get your Npower ID number:

1) Visit
2) Click on your name at the top right side of the portal. A new page will pop up displaying your profile information and then you can copy your N-Power ID as shown in the image.

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has ordered NSIP State focal persons to collect data of exited N-Power volunteers who are interested in the transition opportunities the Ministry is planning for them.

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