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Npower Stipend Update: Join the Activism for Prompt Payment Now!

Yes I know you are eager to know the reason why N-Power has refused to pay her beneficiaries the monthly stipend of 30,000 Naira. I am eager to know as well. But the truth is, nobody is ready to tell you anything or act unless you make them treat you like a human being and not a slave.

You are in servitude if as a graduate you’re paid 30,000 Naira by the Federal Government for your monthly service and they still delay these stipends. Today is the 19th day of November and N-Power is yet to officially issue a statement as to why our October stipends has not been paid. This is dehumanizing and disrespectful on the part of the government!

But then, we the beneficiaries are also to blame. We have accepted it as the norm and that’s why they treat us as savages. With our number and the social media, we can make the Federal Government aware of our displeasures. Now is the time to take action!

We have started an online protest on Twitter. Lend credence to this protest by expressing your dissatisfaction at the lacklustre attitude of N-Power by using the hashtag #NpowerPayOurOctoberStipend

If Senators can be paid their bogus allowance and monthly salaries on time, why is it so difficult to pay graduates 30k?

We stop praying and waiting on them to pay whenever they feel like, we call them to order to pay at the right time.

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