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N-Power Stipend: Reactions Trails FG’s Inability to Pay Beneficiaries for October

N-Power Beneficiaries calls on FG to pay their October stipend

Over 500,00 N-Power Beneficiaries are currently not happy with the way Npower organizers are delaying the October 2019 stipend.

Beneficiaries have taken to the Npower Facebook group, and N-power Twitter handled to pour out their anger.

According to the twitter handle findings, the Npower team on twitter is yet to respond to the cries of poor beneficiaries who have planned things they want to do with their October stipend/salary.

Eche Nino, an npower beneficiary expressed his feelings about the delayed npower October stipend.

He calls on God to intervene on the NPower stipend payment issues.

“Only God knows when Stipend will come” – He said.

Francis Abam, a member of the N-power Facebook community said that the delay in the October 2019 Npower stipend is making jack a dull boy.

“Work no pay, makes jack a dull boy abi?” He said.

Tine Benjamin Tine, an active member of the npower Facebook community also said that he can not come and kill himself due to the delay in Npower October stipend.

He also said he feels so weak after been denied access to his stipend for more than 7 days.

Seven days make one week, but seven days without stipend makes one weak.

Shaibu Momohjimoh also dropped his opinion on the expected date for the payment of October stipend.

He said that Npower will likely pay beneficiaries their October 2019 Npower stipend on Monday, November 11th, 2019.

He also said asked the member of the npower community what the probability of not getting paid at all will look like to them?

Ibrahim Iliya Dg, an active Npower beneficiary, said that he will start strike if N-power Nigeria refuses to send his October stipend on or before 9 o’clock.

He said he will leave the school, and start strike until Npower sends his stipend to him.

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  1. Our president should please consider many lives that the stipend is catering for and make arrangements for early payment. If we are employed properly, life would be better, but as it is all plan goes around the 30 k,it should also come on time!

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