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N-power groups divided as struggles for “permanency” continues

Below is a memo released by a splintered group of the once Npower Youth Congress (NYC):


This is to inform the house that NYC is not organizing any meeting tomorrow which is scheduled by one man not (National body NYC).

Comrade Austin has decided to breakaway and form his own group, for reasons best known to him. Since our aim is the same, we wish him well but he must not use our NYC NAME OR LOGO.

For us at NYC, we have decided to focus on dialogue with the relevant authorities, hence the reason we dispatched letters to the Presidency, Senate president and speaker house of representative.

We will inform the house on the outcome of the letters when we get replies from the authorities.

Where dialogue fails, we will mobilize volunteers and stage a mega protest in Abuja so that our voices can be heard loud and clear.

We remain hopeful however that Volunteers will smile at the end.

GOD will give our leaders conscience and they will not throw us back on the street empty-handed.


Comrade Joseph Enan Maigari

Ag. National Coordinator

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