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“Permanency” : N-Power Volunteers Prepares To Meet Presidency


The meeting started at exactly 9pm with an opening prayer from Comrade Joseph Enan and was anchored by Comrade Austin Nsikak. After a brief introduction by members of N-Power group we moved straight to the first agendum in the agenda which was sending letter to the Chief of Staff of the Federation to seek for permission to see the president which we all agreed to. And all N-Power volunteers agreed that the letter will be sent to the admins platform for proper scrutiny.

The next agendum in the agenda was sending a reminder letter to the Senate President and The Speaker of the House of Representative. Comrade Isaiac objected that it should be a fresh letter requesting for an audience to the duo to discuss N-Power Batch A and B plight rather than a letter of reminder. It was also agreed that the said letter should be sent through our delegates to deliver it directly to their office in Abuja. Comrade Oluwafemi suggested that since NASS will resume planery this September, all N-Power volunteers should align plans prior to their resumption and all N-volunteers were unanimous in this.

Comrade Chygoz suggested that all N-Power volunteers include all the fact about unlawful disengagement in the letter and present the sent letter to the general house to prove that the letter carries all the necessary fact in our unlawful disengagement. Comrade Austin even made known to the house that even our handbills carries all the necessary facts in the unlawful disengagement.

Comrade Eleyinla was however worried about how our letter will get to its destination that some secretary may throw some letters under the carpet that there is need for us to follow up.

Comrade Godstime Abanum then responded that we should select delegates that can assure us that they will be able to deliver our letter to its destination.

The next agendum in the agenda was how to mobilize Abuja N-Power beneficiaries and its environs. An N-Power volunteer suggested that the Abuja N-Power beneficiaries should join their group chat rooms to enlighten other N-Power beneficiaries on the latest happenings.

At about 10:44pm Comrade Austin moved a motion for adjournment of the meeting till further notice and was seconded by Comrade Jude.

The closing prayer was made by Comrade Jude and all N-Power volunteers departed.

God bless Nigerian youths, God bless NYC, God bless Nigeria,
Comrade Austin NsikakCopi.

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