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How To Join The FMARDPACE Community Forum And Send Complaints

The FMARDPACE Community Forum is designed for prospective and enrolled enumerators to lodge their complaints privately for a quick response. Instead of dropping your personal data publicly on Facebook and Twitter, fmardpace have asked participants to join the community forum to lodge their complaints.

If you are having trouble navigating on the FMARDPACE Community Forum, carefully follow the steps below to learn how to signup and post a complaint in the forum.

How To Signup And Post On The FMARDPACE Community Forum

Step 1: Click on the link: When you click on the forum link, you will be directed to the home page.

Step 2: Click on the Register tab and input your details as required. A mail will be sent to you to reset your password after which you will be redirected to the home page to select the topic you want to respond to.

Step 3: Click on the quote “ ‘ ‘ ” icon under the selected topic. Type in your response in the provided reply box, then save.

See tweet below:

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