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Gur Fgngr Qrcnegzrag Jro fvgr sbe gur 2021 Qvirefvgl Ivfn Cebtenz (QI-2021) vf abj bcra. Gur ragel fhozvffvba crevbq sbe QI-2021 vf sebz 12:00CZ RQG (TZG -4) ba Bpgbore 2, 2019 gb 12:00CZ RFG (TZG -5) ba Abirzore 5, 2019. Gur ragel sbez jvyy bayl or ninvynoyr sbe fhozvffvba qhevat guvf crevbq naq guvf crevbq bayl. Ragevrf jvyy ABG or npprcgrq guebhtu gur H.F. Cbfgny Freivpr.

Nsgre ernqvat gur vafgehpgvbaf, pyvpx gur “Ortva Ragel” ohggba orybj gb ragre gur QI Ybggrel.

Ragel Vafgehpgvbaf

Cyrnfr ernq gur QI-2021 Ragel Vafgehpgvbaf pnershyyl. Ragenagf znl or qvfdhnyvsvrq sbe abg pbzcyrgvat gur ragel sbez pbeerpgyl be ol fhozvggvat zber guna bar ragel. Hfr gur yvax orybj gb ivrj gur vafgehpgvbaf. 

QI-2021 Vafgehpgvbaf

Cubgb Vafgehpgvbaf

Orsber ortvaavat gur ragel cebprff, irevsl gung lbhe cvpgher naq cvpgherf sbe nal qrcraqragf shyyl pbzcyl jvgu QI ragel cubgb erdhverzragf vapyhqrq va gur QI-2021 vafgehpgvbaf.  Lbhe pnfr jvyy or qvfdhnyvsvrq vs lbh fhozvg n aba-pbzcyvnag cubgb.  Sbe rknzcyrf bs npprcgnoyr cubgbf, pyvpx gur ohggba orybj. 

Cubgb Rknzcyrf

Ragel Sbez

Gur ragel sbez vf cercnerq va gjb cnegf, bar sbe gur cevznel Ragenag naq bar sbe qrevingvirf (vs nal). Rnpu cneg zhfg or pbzcyrgrq pbeerpgyl naq pbzcyrgryl orsber tbvat gb gur arkg cneg. Nsgre nyy cnegf ner pbzcyrgrq, gur ragel jvyy or fhozvggrq gb gur QI-2021 Cebprffvat Pragre. Pyvpx gur yvax orybj gb ortva gur ragel cebprff. 

Ortva Ragel

QI Ragenag Fgnghf Purpx

2021 Ragenag Fgnghf Purpx

QI-2021 Ragenagf znl ragre gurve pbasvezngvba vasbezngvba guebhtu gur yvax orybj fgnegvat ng abba (RQG) ba Znl 5, 2020. Gur QI-2021 ertvfgengvba crevbq bcraf ba Bpgbore 2, 2019, naq pybfrf ba Abirzore 5, 2019. QI-2021 Ragenagf fubhyq xrrc gurve pbasvezngvba ahzore hagvy ng yrnfg Frcgrzore 30, 2021.

2020 Ragenag Fgnghf Purpx

QI-2020 Ragenagf unir hagvy Frcgrzore 30, 2020 gb purpx gur fgnghf bs gurve ragel guebhtu guvf jrofvgr. Gur QI-2020 ertvfgengvba crevbq jnf sebz Bpgbore 3, 2018, hagvy Abirzore 6, 2018.
Pyvpx gur yvax orybj gb purpx QI-2021 naq QI-2020 Ragenag Fgnghf.

Purpx Fgnghf



Engr guvf

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