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Guide: How to Apply for Georgia Tourist, Business & Visit Visa in Nigeria

This guide will take you through the process of applying for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa in Nigeria. Georgia is located at the intersection of western Asia and Eastern Europe. The country shares border with Turkey along the southern part and Azerbaijan along the south-eastern side.

To experience the Georgia, you must apply for the visa in Nigeria. You would find the visa requirements; visa application process; and answers to frequently asked questions on Georgia visa application in Nigeria in this guide. Please read one.

What is Georgia tourist, business or visit visa?

As it stands from the 2015 visa policy amendments, a Nigerian citizen still cannot visit Georgia without prior application for visa. This means that a Nigerian is neither eligible for Georgia visa upon arrival or Georgia e-visa.

The Georgia tourist, business or visit visa allows you visit Georgia up to three months. You may visit for product inspection, business meeting, training, visitation, or purely for tourism.

But you cannot reside permanently or work in Georgia with the tourist visa. You can only study for up to three months. If you need more study time, you should apply for Georgia student visa in Nigeria.

What are Georgia tourist, business or visit visa requirements for Nigerian Citizens?

There are some documents that must be presented as part of requirements for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa in Nigeria. The following are the documents you need when applying for Georgia tourist; business visa in Nigeria:

1- A valid international passport

The international passport must be valid for at least six months

2- Georgian visa application form

The Georgian visa application form must be properly filled and signed before submission.  Applicants must note that visa application form that is not filled properly might lead to delay or rejection of visa processing.

3- Visa processing fee

The visa processing fee is part of the requirement for any individual who intend to apply for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa.

4- Photocopy of data page of Nigerian passport

The photocopy of the data page Nigerian passport that is clearly showing the photograph of the applicants, passport number as well as bio-data pages should be presented.

5- Two copies passport photograph

Passport-sized photographs taken according to specification must also be presented

6- Proof of accommodation

A proof of where applicant is going to stay on getting to Georgia must be presented. However, you do not need a hotel reservation if your host in Georgia will accommodate you.

7- Three months bank statement

This is a proof of financial capabilities of applicants.

8- Proof of flight reservation

9- Travel insurance.

Is Georgia a visa free country to Nigeria?

It is compulsory for a Nigerian visiting Georgia to apply for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa in Nigeria.  You must pay the visa processing fee and submit the mandatory supporting documents. And then wait for the processing of their visa.

How to apply for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa: step by step 

1- Prepare supporting documents

Other necessary documents required for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa should be prepared.

2- Visit the Georgia embassy website to fill and download the Georgia visa application form

Applicants are required to visit the Georgia embassy website and fill the required form appropriately.  This form must be downloaded and submitted along with other necessary documents.

3- Payment of visa application fee

Applicants must present the proof of payment of visa processing fee.

4- Submit the visa application form and the documents online or at the visa application centre

The next step is to present the documents as well as the visa application form at the visa application centre. Applicants can submit online as well.

5- Wait for the processing of your visa

When all necessary requirements have been fulfilled, the next stage of the process is to wait patiently for the approval of your visa. When you apply for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa, you must bear in mind that the visa processing time ranges from 2 to 15 days. As mentioned earlier, you must make sure all your documents are complete and correctly filled to avoid the delay or denial of your visa processing.

Applicants planning to visit Georgia on a short term basis can apply for e-visa. The advantage of this type of visa is that you will not appear at the embassy or forward your international passport before you can be issued this visa.  It takes just three steps to apply for e-visa. All the processing and application are done online. The steps involved are as follows:

– Visit the e-portal, fill all the necessary forms and apply for the e-visa

– Proceed with payment and wait for the result

– Print out your e-visa if successful and be ready to travel to Georgia.

Georgia visa appointment in Nigeria

As mentioned above, an individual who intends to apply for Georgia tourist, business or visit visa must fill the appropriate form online and submit it along with other document after a certain amount of money must have been paid for visa processing.  If you are applying for e-visa, all processing is done online with just three steps as mentioned above. The processing of e-visa is done wholly by e-mail.

FAQs on how to apply for Georgia Tourist, business or visit visa

How much is Georgia visa fee?

The Georgia visa fee is about $200. Applicant must the aware of the fact that visa processing fee is not refundable.

How can I download Georgia visa application form?

To access the Georgia visa application form, please click on this link

What is Georgia tourist visa processing time?

Where is Georgia embassy in Abuja, Nigeria?

There is no Georgia embassy in Nigeria. But you may apply for Georgia visa from South Africa.

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