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Update: Npower Transition Closing Date for Beneficiaries?

For beneficiaries who have been wondering if N-power Transition has closed, reopen or want to know the closing date, you can see update here.

Few days ago Npower introduced a system to enable old beneficiaries on enhancement journey to choose the sector they want to established a more robust permanent career.

Several beneficiaries were able to select from the categories that include:

i. Become a SANEF Agent,

ii. Start a Business with a GEEP Loan,

iii. Become a Teacher,

iv. Start a Farm / Expand your Farm,

v. Become a Field / Data Agent; and

vi. Become a Community Policeman.

And we advise our readers what to be careful about when choosing from Npower Transition categories.

However few how later a new update came up that the Npower Transition link suddenly disappeared from the NPVN portal throwing beneficiaries who had not made their choice into panic.

Beneficiaries are now wondering if the Npower Transition has closed, what date did it closed, when will they reopen it.

From our own finding, Npower Transition may not necessary be closed, however we believe the link for selection has be temporary removed probably to strengthen the system to enable it accommodate the high number of beneficiaries that stormed their NPVN dashboard when the transition link was added.

We don’t even believe there is a closing dates for Npower Transition because we think every beneficiary will be given the chance to make his or her choice of 2019 enhancement.

So if you are yet to make your choice in this 2019 Transition, relax as the portal will surely be reopen for all.

This is the best news and update we currently have with regards to Npower Transition 2019, if we have more news, update and info concerning the reopening of the transition system, we will surely published it here .

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