Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria (TRCN) Code of Conduct


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The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria was established to bring about a rapid transformation of the teaching profession to the highest standards possible. This is particularly with respect to the quality of teacher education programmes, registration and licensing, mandatory continuing professional development, professional conduct, and overall social status of teachers at all levels of  the education system. However, this transformation cannot be possible without a fundamental change in the attitudes, orientations, and behaviour of teachers towards greater values, ideals and practices as obtains in other noble professions. In other words, a comprehensive ethical framework is required to define what the new cherished values, ideals and practices should be. There is also the need for legal instruments to enforce the provisions of the ethical framework.

With the publication of this document, the teaching profession has got all the requirements stated above. One, the TRCN Act has provided for the establishment of Teachers Investigation Panels in all states of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory and the Teachers Tribunal at the
TRCN Headquarters. The Panels are to serve as a watch dogs over teachers’ professional conducts and to report substantive misconducts to the Teachers Tribunal for prosecution. Professional
tribunals are very popular and important and the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Tribunal serves as a good example. Two, this Teachers Code of Conduct has equally defined what is now acceptable or unacceptable in the occupational and even personal lifestyles of teachers. The Code is indeed an impressive one, comprehensive in content and has received inputs from a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

I congratulate TRCN for this achievement and the teachers for a better future to be brought about by the anticipated ethical revolutions. Consequently, I urge all teachers, stakeholders in education
and the general public to add this Teachers Code of Conduct to their stock of very important literature.



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