100 Unique Online Business Ideas for Next Generation Millionaires

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Do you have a phone?
Does it have internet connection?
Do you have data?
Then, what have you been doing sleeping away your fortune?!

You’ve been on the road and on the internet all day and all year long stalking job boards, sending countless numbers of applications hoping to find a job that will eventually put a smile on your face, but each day your email just doesn’t have that particular inbox that you’ve been dying to read about.

And somehow the idea of an online business stalks your mind but usually, you spend some time considering ideas, but ultimately crawl back to your comfort zone.

You tell yourself, “You know what? This year is a little too crazy. I’ll start that online business next year!” But “next year” never comes.

Well, I’m here to tell you that 2019 is the year you should start your online business. There’s more opportunity than ever, and you need to take advantage RIGHT NOW!

Since the advent of the internet and digitization of the world, online businesses have been flourishing like never before, and it is now pretty much easier for entrepreneurs who are diligent, dedicated and hardworking to make cool cash from the comfort of their homes with LITTLE OR NO INVESTMENT. If you were born in this 21 century, then you are amongst the lucky set of humanity that has several options of becoming millionaires without working your life out.

Why Start an Internet Business from home?
It is no longer news that the world is filled with business opportunities and start-up business ideas but unfortunately; not everyone can see such opportunities. Bill Gates once said that: “if your business is not on the web, then your business will be out of business, ” and I believe this statement is true in its entirety.

The internet is the next big thing because of the massive leverage it offers the common man. Youngsters and high school or college drop outs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Michael Dell , etc., have gone on to become billionaires starting from scratch (uh oh, Mark went back to school!)

It is pertinent to note that the potential of the internet has not been fully tapped and there are loads of business opportunities locked on the internet. One good thing is that with the internet, you can connect the world right from your bedroom, because with the internet, the world is indeed a global village.

Is Online Business Profitable?
Online business can be profitable only if you have GOOD AND PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS that people would love. I’ve been researching about Online Businesses for quite some time. And I am going to share with you 100 UNIQUE ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS based on my research. These ideas will greatly help you build your online business and even while you’re engaged in your official jobs, these will serve as passive income for you.

Okay, what makes my 100 UNIQUE BUSINESS IDEAS different from any other out there? After all, anyone can search the internet and come up with feasible business ideas. Well, that is true… wait a minute, what I wanted to say was: “that was wrong!” So wrong!!

Yes, there are “feasible” business ideas scattered on the internet, so many of them, but are they as “feasible” as we described them? Why are people investing in them and failing? Well, the answer is simple; not all business idea is for everyone. You may have to find your niche first and put into consideration these three basic factors that guarantee success, which are;

a. finding a business idea that you’re passionate or interested in, because: “Passion is what keeps you going when the going gets tough.” – Warren Buffett. It’s quite good to go into a business that shows high potential but it’s more advisable to go into a business you are passionate about. Business is a risk and things don’t always go the way we plan. Take a look at the biggest and best businesses in the world; from Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, McDonald’s, etc., and you notice that they were businesses built around the passion of their founders.

b. Finding a business that you are willing to learn and stick to because knowledge is the foundation of every business; not capital. And every business industry has some inside secrets, strategies and tactics that you will never find out unless you are involved in it.

c. Finding a business opportunity that will yield passive income. One that will provide a valuable service, makes you money and can run with minimal effort on your part.

Oh well, we have covered all three basic grounds for you in this research. We do not just have 100 Unique business ideas to make you a millionaire and guarantee you a passive income, we have ensured to include strategies, tactics, secrets and step by step tutorials on how to go about it in this research work. This is something you’ll never find anywhere on the world wide web! That’s a fact. At best, what you’ll come across may be limited in scope; covering barely one or two business ideas, but not on this grand scale. And you can only imagine the effort that has been put into this great work. Though, some of these ideas warrant certain expertise and knowledge, we have also endeavoured to put together basic shortcuts you might need to avoid starting out like a “newbie” on the turf when you begin and incorporated it into the book. So, basically these ideas are runnable for every di*k and Harry… and every Annabel and Josephine!


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