NPOWER TRANSITION: Anambra state chapter requests data update from beneficiaries

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Gb A-Cbjre Ibyhagrref Nanzoen Fgngr

Sbyybjvat gur erprag cerff eryrnfr ol gur Zvavfgre bs Uhznavgnevna Nssnvef, Qvfnfgre Znantrzrag naq Fbpvny Qrirybczrag Fnqvln Hzne Snebhd ba genafvgvba cyna sbe RKVGRQ (ONGPU N &nzc; O) A-Cbjre orarsvpvnel; Vagrerfgrq A-Cbjre orarsvpvnevrf va Nanzoen Fgngr ner gb fhozvg gurve qrgnvyf nf sbyybjf:

  • Anzr
  • A-cbjre VQ
  • Pngrtbel
  • Fgngr bs Nffvtazrag
  • Ongpu
  • Ner lbh pheeragyl rzcyblrq
  • Qb lbh jnag gb cnegvpvcngr va gur genafvgvba bccbeghavgl (Lrf be Ab)

Fraq gb –
ba be orsber Jrqarfqnl 2aq Frcgrzore 2020.


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