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N-Power volunteers owed 5 months stipends in error and will be rectified

Some of the N-Power volunteers who were owed 5-month stipends and in the payroll from March 2020 to date were never removed from the payroll.

It is, unfortunate, that some of your payment details were flagged by the paying platform and this made it impossible for you to receive your payment.

The payment flag reason is currently being investigated for resolution and N-Power is encouraging N-Power volunteers to exercise some patience for the outcome of the investigation.

The Ministry however noted that about 14,000 N-Power beneficiaries that were omitted by the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation during the payment from March to June 2020 could be among those rejected by the GIPMIS payment platform due to discrepancies identified with their accounts as conveyed to the ministry by the office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

According to the report from the AGF’s office, any N-Power beneficiary receiving payment from other government payment platforms will be blocked by the Government Integrated Financial Management System (GIPMIS). Hence their payment will be withheld.

The FMHADMSD has requested for details of those affected and the reasons for their rejection from AGF’s Office and has promised to communicate that to the affected N-Power beneficiaries. However, if the rejection was done in error, those affected should be rest assured that they will be paid all that is due to them as soon as the error is rectified by the AGF’s office.

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