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N-Power: Senator Shehu Sanni advocates for volunteers, urge FG to treat them better

Senator Shehu Sani has condemned the special treatment given to repentant bandits than the Nigerian youths serving under the N-Power scheme. According to him, when you give N30,000 to N-Power volunteers and you give houses, shops and farmlands to repentant miscreants, the former will join the latter.

He made this statement on his official handle after the Katsina Government promised to offer bandits farmlands, market stores and houses. “lt would only embolden the bandits, encourage others to join and further escalate and worsen the situation in the north west and north central”, he said.

See screenshot of the tweet below:

The Nigerian Government is on the process of recruiting new 400,000 N-Power batch C volunteers into the programme after exiting about 500,000 in batch A & B from the programme. These volunteers earn N10,000 to N30,000 monthly stipend depending on the category they chose.

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