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Interview Dressing Tips For Ladies: The Dos And Don’ts

In our world today, the need to go through an interview dressing tips for ladies has become very necessary considering that your dressing speaks and represents you even before you get the opportunity to utter a word.

Although we are advised not to judge a book by its cover, your dressing guides the other person’s mind to unconsciously form an impression about you in a matter of split seconds.

A Hollywood famous costume designer once said; “you can have whatever you want if you dress for it.” This can be a serious matter especially when you are meeting the person for the very first time like during an interview.

During that crucial moment, what you are wearing can be a very important factor in the hiring process irrespective of your level of skill, knowledge and qualification for the job.

To avoid such awkward moments or situations we will be dishing out some interview dressing tips for ladies.

This interview dressing tips for ladies will be divided into dos and don’ts.


#1. Dress Formal

At first, planning or buying a job interview outfit is can a pleasant experience at all, but considering the importance of your choice of dress and the effect it might have on the interview outcome I would advise you do the needful.

The truth is, not every corporate company or organization wants you to appear in a suit or skirt. From experience, I would recommend you make use of a search engine like Google to find out the dress code of the concerned company.

#2. Let Your Outfit Show Your Personality

The fact that you are you have to dress appropriately or according to the prescribed dress code does not mean that you have to forget who you are. You should try as much as possible to inscribe your signature on your dressing.

For example, you might choose a printed scarf, a black printed leather belt, a purse or even a piece of jewellery to match with your outfit.

In as much as you would to do this, you should keep it simple and not overdo things. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to be remembered as the lady with a red feather in her hair.

#3. Carry an Organized Purse

Yes, a very organized one for that matter. Carry along a good shaped purse for the interview as you can carry important items like your CV, pen, and other important documents as you go along.

Most importantly make sure you take time to organize the contents of the purse, as you wouldn’t want to be scrambling for your pen when the interviewer asks you to fill a form.

The last thing you would want to do is to embarrass yourself by unearthing makeup kits and God knows what else in the process of searching for a pen or a document. This will only show your lack of organizational skills and I am sure you can guess where that will lead you.

#4. Wear Simple Accessories and Light Makeup

This will not be an issue for those that don’t wear accessories or makeup. But then if you must wear either accessory, makeup or both please keep it simple and light.

Don’t appear with long earrings, big necklaces, ankle chains, tattoos and unnecessary finger rings. You shouldn’t forget that the interview is a business event and not a social gathering.

Also, try as much as possible to wear very light makeup because you can’t afford to lose the attention of your interviewer to your makeup.

#5. Have a Good Manicure and a Simple Hairdo

A neat and well-groomed hand is a sign that you take good care of yourself and that you are capable of taking care of others.

Please leave the designer nails for the weekends and other social events. I wonder if you have ever seen a successful CEO with acrylic nails or decoration.

In addition, keep your hairdo very simple and avoid all those complicated hairstyles that will make you look like someone who is attending a party.


#1. Exhibit Nudity

Miniskirts, transparent cloths, saggy necklines and openings at the bursting areas are a huge NO, uncles you are looking for a different kind of work entirely.

It is also inappropriate to wear fishnet tights and strapless dresses. Keep your pieces together and bagged up but not revealing.

#2. Wear Overloaded and Noisy Accessories

I am not sure if you would want your interviewer to watch your earrings entangle with your hair why you are trying to answer a question. Keep it simple, wears studs earrings if possible.

#3. Dress in Bright Prints or Fabric

Avoid the pinky pretty metallic tops as they are meant to have fun with your friends during night outs and cocktails, they are a no go area when it has to do with work.

Always remember that you and only you should be the centre of attraction and not your piece of clothing. Seize the opportunity to show your interviewer how you can represent the organization if employed.

#4. Indulge in Excessive Makeup

I am bringing this up again because of its importance. A lot of people do the mistake of wearing very loud makeups for job interviews. An interview doesn’t require that kind of makeup you wear for an evening at the ballet or a social gathering.

Regardless of these minor rules, the most important thing is self-confidence which has nothing to do with aesthetics but rather with your individual attitude.

Although mindful of your weakness, you can take comfort in your strengths and not being afraid to point them out when the need arises.

In a nutshell, don’t let negative thoughts take over you and make you doubt your abilities, sometimes the job might not be right for you as God has something better in store for you.

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