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“Give Me Oxygen, Dont Let Me Die” – Shocking Video Of Alleged Covid-19 Case Last Word

Though it is said that the elderly and the unwell are more likely to die if they contract coronavirus. I think this virus is taking another turn going by this trending video in circulation of an alleged covid-19 patient who was said to have died this morning.

According to insider reports, the young man in the video was said have passed away this morning around 5:30am from Coronavirus in Ogun State. He could be seen in the video muttering; “oxygen, give me oxygen… Don’t let me die”. Its such a shocking and pathetic scene to behold as the young man seems to be fearing that his life is about to end abruptly.

Whether real or not, this should serve as a wake up call to everyone as the numbers are increasing by the day yet people are still trooping out massively. Its only God that will save us all from this pandemic.

According to the insider,

Good morning house, I got this video from a doctor friend that this young lad of 25years passed away 5:30am this morning as he contracted coronavirus from his friend, this is so disheartening. Ogun state.

Please Stay Safe – Stay At Home

See the video below:

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