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Fabric Face Masks Don’t Prevent Covid-19 – NAFDAC

“Non-medical face masks include self-made or commercial masks or face covers made of clothes, other textiles or other materials such as paper. They are not standardised and are not intended for use in healthcare settings or by healthcare professionals”

“They serve to limit the spread of droplets and offer some measure of protection to those around you. The material of construction is usually clothes (textile fabric), non-woven wadding, or paper-like materials. For these barrier masks, 100% cotton is preferred though, polyester, linen, or knit fabric can be used.

“Barrier face masks do not prevent you from contracting the disease but they have been found to contribute to reducing the spread of infections when used widely in conjunction with other measures. Such measures include social distancing, not touching the face, eyes or mouth, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.”

She also noted that the face masks should be washed regularly and frequently at all times ,daily of preferable and also the masks should be made of a double layer to increase its absorbidness and effectiveness 

The national agency for food ,drug administration and control (NAFDAC) has declared in a statement today that the use of non-medical face mask(made of cloth) can only reduce the spread of the coronavirus and not prevent it.

They made it known that all face masks which include self made or commercial fabric masks ,or also face covers made out of cloths can only reduce and not prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus.

The director general of the agency (proffesor mujisola adeyede ,in a statement issued at Abuja today said that the categories are not standardized and are not intended to be used in the health Care system or by health care proffessionals as she made it clear that these set of masks to not prevent the spread but only limit and reduce the spread of the virus.

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