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TESCOM557: Applicant’s Writes Makinde Over Outstanding TESCOM Teaching Appointment

Some Applicant’s of TESCOM under the name Tescom557, who are yet to receive their appointment letters from TESCOM has cried on the State Governor Engr. Seyi Makinde to come to their aid.

The aggrieved Applicant’s pleads with the Governor to come to their aid as they’ve done verification for over two weeks now but yet to receive any news from TESCOM.

The group said their colleagues have resumed work for almost two Months now while they are yet to know their fate.

The letter which they tagged: appeal for mercy on the 557 TESCOM successful applicants yet to collect letters, reads;


We begin our letter by first sincerely thanking your excellency for your true and sincere love for the citizens especially the youths of Oyo state. Your true and undiluted love for us has made you decide to save and rescue us from the evils of unemployment, hence your order for the recruitment of five thousand (5000)teaching staff and two thousand (2000) non teaching staff in this period of global pandemic with economic recession when it is extremely difficult for most state Governors to employ even as low as five hundred. Our purpose of writing this letter is to appeal to you on behalf of the 577 successful applicants who are yet to receive their letters of appointment.
These vibrant, energetic, qualified and capable youths passed through all the requirement procedures for the employment: the manual and online applications, CBT screening, oral interview after scraping through by scoring fifty percent and above (50% and above) as demanded by your able Governor. But sadly enough, for the reason not known to us, we were told to have been stepped on the happy sad day our colleagues / mates collected their letters.
However, through your interview at BCOS TV on February, we got to know that the stepped down list was born out of your zero tolerance for corruption, vibrant agitation for justice and the quest for equal treatment without consideration for sex, status, religion, creed or political affiliation. It was born out of your insistence on the point that it is only the round peg that must be put in the round hole. Then, our minds were a little settled as what most of us were thinking before was far from that.
To ascertain the fact and to save the children of the masses, your excellency reportedly ordered that we come for physical verification/ interview on 5th March, 2020. We heard this and all of us quickly rushed down from different corners of oyo state to the Tescom headquarters, Ibadan for the verification/ interview. Thanks to the MIC (Management Information Centre) who anchored the verification /interview together with the Tescom for doing the job as swiftly as they could and finished on time.
Your excellency sir, it is two weeks after the verification/interview . But we have not heard from the Tescom about the collection of our letters. Our constant visit to the Tescom has not yielded any positive outcome as they tell us that it is only your word that could move the letters out of their office, and that that has not come.
For this reason, we, with deepest form of humility and respect, appeal to you that your excellency to have mercy on us and help us give your word to the Tescom so that we could receive our letters and join our colleagues in class. This is the only thing that could claim us back from the depression, demoralization, doubts and sadness which have all claimed our hearts since February 1st, 2021.

Yours faithfully,

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