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Npower Update: Anxiety As March Payment Description Changes

Some NPower volunteers struggled to understand the description of the ongoing payment of NPower March stipends. Some of them are wondering whether the payment is the cash transfer palliative payment from the government because the payment receipt payer description state “Feder” unlike the previous payment which states “NPower” as the payer. See the images below:

What that simply means is that NPower volunteers are being paid from a new payment platform which is remita that is the R/FGN. The other February payment is from NEFT, which is national electronic funds transfer, which is processed via NIBSS, Nigerian inter bank settlement services. It’s just difference in payment platforms.

The Money that came in is exactly N30,000 which is the usual figure being paid to NPower volunteers. The government covid-19 palliative cash is not up to that amount. However, time will tell if there is going to be any palliative payment for NPower volunteers.

If you are an NPower volunteer, note that payment of march stipends has commence and if you have not receive your march payment, wait patiently as payment is still ongoing and you will receive yours soon.

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