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NPOWER BATCH C: How to toggle your profile to receive “email confirmation” notification

  • If you haven’t received email notification to confirm your successful registration, you need to try this method.

Please pay attention to what I’m about to show you here;

1. Log in to the website:

2. Enter your application email and password

3. Click on the “Register” link. It will check if the email has been registered on the site, if yes, it will then take you to the login portal.

4. You will see your email address and password printed on the form; Click on the ‘login portal’ link.

While loading, you will receive a message notification in your phone.

5. Search your email to locate the message and click it.

6. The message will open, and you will see the confirmation link. Follow the instructions and click on the link.

7. You will be required by your phone to choose a browser to perform the operation.

After that the window will show this:

8. Wait for it to complete loading. After loading, it will display thus: taking you to the successful registration page where you see your Reg. Number displayed as in the day of registration.

Congratulation! You have now confirmed your N-Power application registration.

Note: If it does not work for you, do not worry, just keep on trying from time to time and, do check your mail inbox and spam-box.

Lastly, please do remember that receiving the mail to confirm your email does not guarantee that you have been shortlisted. There are still several hurdles to cross ahead and I advise you to prepare ahead.

Best of luck.

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