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NIN Registration: Mobile generated NIN through *346# without NIMC enrollment is invalid, can not be linked to SIM

The last couple of weeks has seen Nigerians doing all they can to make sure that they get enrolled for their National Identification Number(NIN). The directive from the Nigerian communications commission (NCC) that all SIM cards not linked to a NIN be blocked has brought in a sense of urgency.

Following the development, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) issued a USSD code to retrieve the NIN by Nigerians. With this, anyone can get their NIN by simply dialing the *346# code. However, there has been a little problem – some people who are yet to enroll are getting the NIN and that has been a source of confusion.

The NIMC have come out to clear the air. According to the recent revelation, the reason for this is that it was generated due to BVN record harmonization with the national identity database.

But this does not mean that the NIN is already valid. The NIMC reiterated that such people will not have access to the the NIMC mobile app and they cannot link this NIN to their SIM cards.

To make it valid, they are to visit an enrolment center to complete the registration for the national Identification number.

Below is the full message from The NIMC;

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