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Nigerian Students begins “non stop protest” against continuous closure of schools today

Nigerian Students Associations have decided to embark on a “non stop” protest in Abuja.

This decision was made after the Federal Government refusal to reopen schools across the country.

It was gathered that Student associations which include National Association of University students (NAUS), National Association of polytechnic students (NAPS), National Association of College of Education students (NANCES), will on Wednesday, 19th of August, 2020 hold a protest in Abuja and other part of the country.

The Senate president of National Association of University students (NAUS), Ibrahim Muhammed said that the protest is important because the FG have decided to look into the clamours of Nigerian students to reopen schools

The protests is a non stop protest innitiated by the leadership of the University, Polytechnics and college’s of education students in Nigeria, the protest which is a Nationwide which will happen simultaneously at the same time and date.

The protest is important because the FG have decided to look into the clamours of Nigerian students to reopen schools.

The ministry of education, Abuja have received notification of the protests and other security agencies. The coalition have directed all Nigeria Student’s to wear facemask or nose mask, hand sanitizer and other PPE in other to stage the protests in line with the guidelines of NCDC.

The student are expected to be law abiding citizen and we will come with matress, garri, sugar in other to enable us feed ourselves.

The protests is a non stop protest until our schools are opened.

The President of the National Association of college of Education students (NANCES), Mahmud Abubakar, also expressed displeasure in the Federal Government continuous closure of schools. He said the continuous closure of schools is putting the country in danger more than the novel Coronavirus.

It is very clear and you will agree with me that covid19 has come to stay and all sector of economy is open.

The continuous closure of school is putting the country in danger more than the COVID-19 and higher institution are formal places where instruction and law can easily be adhered to more than market or other places. We want government to open institution for the sake of the future.

Guidelines should be enforced and even if skeletal resumption will be OK because covid has come to stay and will not live us anytime soon.

Also reacting, the National Association of Polytechnic students (NAPS) President, Adekanbi Sunday positioned that the solution to Covid19 is not in the market place and worship centres but can be gotten through research.

Our institutions have been placed under lock and keys for good six months with the claim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campuses, as much as we appreciate the government for the acclaimed love, we condemn in totality the continued closure of our institutions.

It is pertinent we understand that the same Covid couldn’t stop the NASS from sharing their exotic jeeps bought with our money, Covid couldn’t stop our Government from receiving their salaries and allowances, Covid couldn’t halt the electoral process in Edo and Ondo States even with multitude participants during rallies, Covid couldn’t stop the FG from lifting the lock down on areas where revenue can be generated probably for it to be looted further, what then is the moral justification for the continued closure of our schools?

Nobody knows when Covid would leave, we must learn to leave with it thesame way we are leaving with Ebola virus, Lassa fever, HIV/AIDS, etc.

This is coming few days after Citizens went out to protest under the umbrella of #RevoultionNow.

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