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N-power Stage 2 Shortlist: is fake! Beware!!

Presently, there’s a fraudulent WhatsApp message circulating online about N-Power shortlist 2020. This message contains a link that looks exactly like the Npower official website where you’re requested to input your registered email and phone number, on clicking to verify, you get a response saying, sorry, that you are not on the list while a link is provided for you to chat a supposed Npower about the shortlist.

We want to use this medium to say this message and the web portal:, is a fraudulent act put out by scammers. When you initiate a chat, you will be required to pay some amount of money with the promise of getting you shortlisted. Please don’t fall for this cheap scam.

Ignore this WhatsApp message about shortlist circulating online to not get defrauded. When shortlisted names are out, you will get notified through your registered email address or phone number and the news will circulate all media and firstly on the N-power official handle.

Kindly visit N-power official twitter handle to always get the real and genuine information

Kindly forward and share this to concerned candidates.

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