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Lagos List Businesses That Must Remain Closed From May 4

Businesses that must remain closed after May 4
Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu

Lagos state government has listed out businesses that should remain closed even as the state enters the first phase in the gradual easing of the lockdown, on May 4.

In the state-wide address on Wednesday, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu explained that these businesses will remain closed for another two weeks, even during the partial lockdown until contrary directives are given.

Below are some of the businesses to be affected by this announcement:

  1. Entertainment centres
    As spelt out in the governor’s address, businesses such as event centres, cinemas, arcades, bars and casinos will remain locked for another two weeks, until another review is done by the state government.

Also included in this group are day clubs and night clubs, beaches, viewing centres, swimming pools, gyms and all recreation and relaxation centres.

The reason for this decision is the tendency of these businesses to attract people in large numbers, often beyond 50, thus contravening the physical distancing directive.

2) Salons and beauty parlours
Beauty salons, Spas, barbershops, and public parks, are also by this directive, prohibited from opening their businesses for two weeks, from May 4.
This cuts across all of these businesses, including those located in residential and private estates.

According to the governor, these businesses “will continue to remain closed for another two weeks in the instance; at which point we will review and advise on the permissible opening date for these establishments.

3) Suspension of motorcycles ‘okadas’

In addition to other directives, the state government also suspended all operations of motorcycles, popularly known as okadas, on all routes in the state.
The only exceptions to this rule are those used for courier and logistics purposes.
“Commercial Motorcycles, popularly known as Okadas, are to suspend their operations statewide, except for those motorcycles used for courier and logistics purposes” Sanwo-Olu declared.

Tricycles (Kekes) are allowed to operate only in the areas designated for their operations, but are not allowed to carry more than two passengers on any trip, ensuring that appropriate distance is maintained between the passengers.

FG directives will also be upheld
In addition to the state directives, declarations made by President Muhammadu Buhari on the Monday nationwide broadcast will also be upheld.

Sanwo-Olu added that an implementation committee will be set up to enforce all of the directives, including the federal government directives on overnight curfew and ban on interstate passenger movement.

The president had in his address, authorised the state governments to come up with a specific framework as to how the gradual easing of the lockdown would be done in their states, based on the peculiarities of the situation.

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