JAMB 2020 Result Checking Portal Reopened for UTME

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Gur Wbvag Nqzvffvba naq Zngevphyngvba Obneq (WNZO) unf Erbcrarq gur 2020 HGZR Erfhyg Purpxvat Cbegny. Ubjrire, gur erfhygf juvpu unq rneyvre orra znqr ninvynoyr bayl guebhtu FZF gb 55019 unir abj orra znqr ninvynoyr ba WNZO’f jrofvgr.

“Vs lbh unir abg orra noyr gb purpx lbhef ivn gur Grkg/FZF zrgubq, lbh pna cebprrq gb gur obneq’f jrofvgr abj gb purpx lbhef.

Nyfb, pnaqvqngrf jub unir purpxrq gurvef ivn gur Grkg/FZF zrgubq pna rdhnyyl pbasvez gurve erfhygf bayvar abj.

Ubj Gb Purpx Lbhe 2020 WNZO Erfhyg Bayvar

Pnaqvqngrf ner gb ivfvg: uggcf://jjj.wnzo.bet.at/RknzFyvcCevagvat3/PurpxHGZRErfhygf
Ragre lbhe WNZO Ertvfgengvba Ahzore be rznvy va gur fcnpr cebivqrq
Pyvpx ba “Purpx Zl Erfhyg” naq cebprrq gb ivrj lbhe erfhygf

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