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    Sid’s grandaunt refuses to share a room with Roshni’s grandaunt.

    She tells Kesar to get her the biggest room in the house.

    Kesar says that would be DD’s room.

    DD’s aunt comes to her to complain that she won’t share her room with that woman.

    DD says there is really nothing she can do because the family have come to stay

    DD’s mother says it’s her fault for taking Roshni away from her in laws.

    Simran asks Raj when DD’s hatred for them will come to an end; DD doesn’t want to believe they all want the same thing, which is for Roshni and the baby to be okay.

    Sid is listening to them.

    He enters the room and tells his mum that they won’t stay in DD’s house for long, they just have to make DD realise they can take care of Roshni and the baby, then they will go back home.

    Sid’s grandaunt tells his grandmother that they may be in DD’s house but they will be the only ones responsible for taking care of Roshni and the baby.

    DD tells her aunt that they should let things be but Roshni will be under their care.

    Roshni and Sid are fed up of the back and forths from both sides of the family.

    Next morning, Roshni is seated at the dining for breakfast.

    The women from both sides of the family bring her food and she gets overwhelmed.

    The two grandaunts start fighting about whose food is better.

    Sid’s grandaunt complains and DD tells her to go home instead of throwing tantrums all the time.

    DD’s mother tells her not to talk to her elder like that.

    Roshni asks Sid how long the drama will go on.

    Sid’s grandaunt tells Roshni to tell her mother that she has her self to blame for coming to take her away.

    Roshni jumps up and asks if they have thought of how their constant bickering is affecting her and her baby.

    She says she has lost her appetite and they can enjoy their food.

    She leaves the dining.

    DD is in the kitchen with her mother.

    She blames Sid’s family for making Roshni skip breakfast and says Sid’s grandaunt has no idea how to speak to people.

    Her mother says it’s the same with DD, she shouldn’t have spoken to Sid’s family the way she did and shouldn’t expect the grandaunt to change her ways at her age.

    She says she will make Roshni something to eat.

    DD says she will go and speak to Roshni to find out what she wants.

    Her mother doesn’t think it’s a good idea and suggests they give Roshni time.

    Roshni is lying in bed.

    Sid tries to enter the room but it’s locked.

    He begs Roshni to open for him.

    He sends her a funny photo and she opens.

    He begs her not to be upset and says he will go and get her a milkshake.

    Simran enters the room to ask Roshni what she would like to eat.

    Roshni says Sid already went to get her a milkshake.

    Simran says she can’t have a milkshake and she will make her something.

    Simran enters the kitchen and tells Roshni’s Grandmother that Roshni is in the mood for carrot helver and she wants to make it for her.

    Roshni’s grandmother says it’s very good and everyone will enjoy it.

    Both women make it together.

    Sid returns with the milkshake and DD stops him.

    She asks why he wants to give Roshni milkshake when the doctor said she should have proper food.

    She complains that she’s putting up with his family because of him.

    DD’s mum asks what’s going on.

    Sid says he has noticed that the families are busy fighting and not taking care of Roshni; he doesn’t like to feed Roshni fast food but he had no choice.

    He says he has come up with some rules that everyone must follow, from now on, the mornings and afternoons will be left to the Patels to look after Roshni, evening snacks and dinner will be for the Khuranas, then the nights will be for him and Roshni alone and nobody will keep him from looking after Roshni and the baby the way he wants.

    He says if anyone has a problem with the arrangement, then he and Roshni will leave the house and probably check into a hotel or nursing home.

    He tells DD that if she channels her energy in the right direction, she would be the one coming to him with solutions.

    DD says Sid is blackmailing her.

    Her mother tells her nobody beats her when it comes to blackmail and she can see Sid takes after her.

    Sid says he hopes his child doesn’t take after him and DD.

    Roshni’s granmother says she likes Sid’s idea.

    The Khuranas also agree with the arrangement.

    DD says she doesn’t have a choice because they all teamed up against her.

    Roshni and Sid are having a snack on the terrace at night.

    He suggests they go for a ride.

    DD sees them and asks where they are going.

    Sid reminds her that it’s his time with Roshni.

    Roshni’s Grandmother tells them to go and have fun.

    Simran agrees.

    Sid and Roshni leave.

    DD’s mother berates her for trying to interfere in Sid and Roshni’s time together.

    Sid and Roshni stop at an ice cream vendor.

    Roshni says she’s not supposed to have ice cream.

    Sid says he already did his research and the ice cream at the vendor is safe.

    They move across the road to wait by the car.

    The vendor brings them the ice cream and when he looks back at his stall, he sees a little girl stealing his ice cream.

    He screams and the girl tries to run off but he catches up with her.

    The vendor reports the girl to a police man passing by.

    The girl says she didn’t steal.

    She sees Roshni and Sid and runs to them calling them papa and mama.

    They tell the police they don’t know why she’s calling them her parents but they think there must be a problem with her parents.

    The little girl sneaks off.

    The vendor complains she ran off with his ice cream.

    Sid pays for it.

    Roshni asks Sid who the girl was.

    Sid says he’s thinking about her because he feels a connection to her and she didn’t look like a street child.

    The little girl is sitting in a corner having her ice cream.

    Someone approaches her and she runs off.

    A note drops from her and she runs back to pick it up, then she sneaks into the boot of Sid’s car.

    In the morning, Sid opens the windows in the room and tells Roshni to wake-up and do her pregnancy yoga.

    Roshni begs him to take her to see the kids in her NGO because seeing the little girl made her think of them.

    Sid takes Roshni to meet DD by the pool area where she’s doing her exercises.

    DD is impressed that Sid made Roshni join her for yoga.

    Sid and Roshni sit and DD’s trainer takes them through the exercise.

    Roshni’s grandaunt is awake and praying in the room

    Sid’s grandaunt complains about the noise disturbing her sleep.

    She wakes up and starts playing music.

    Roshni’s grandaunt tells her she has no right to touch her music set.

    They start arguing.

    Their sisters come in to diffuse the quarrel.

    Sid’s grandaunt goes into the bathroom but slips and falls.

    She comes out and blames Roshni’s grandaunt.

    They start arguing again.

    They hear Sid yell Roshni’s name.

    They all run to the pool area to see Roshni in Sid’s arms, looking like she is about to faint.

    DD says they need to call a doctor.

    DD’s aunt says Roshni will be fine as she’s just having a hot flash which is common in pregnancy.

    Sid’s grandaunt blames him for making Roshni exercise.

    Her sister says it’s yoga which is very good for the baby.

    The two grandaunts start arguing again.

    Sid tells them to stop.

    Simran suggests they give Roshni a cold bath.

    Sid’s grandaunt tells them that Roshni cannot have a bath because today is the day of the lunar eclipse.

    Mona brings lemonade and the grandaunt takes it for her.

    DD reminds them that it’s their time with the baby.

    Sid’s grandaunt tells them that if they don’t follow custom, the baby will be in danger and an evil eye will be cast upon the family.

    Everyone challenges her.

    She blocks their path and says she won’t let them give Roshni a bath.

    Everyone starts arguing.

    DD gets a hose and sprays water on everyone.

    She says it was the only way to get them all to stop shouting.

    Evening finds it funny except Sid’s grandaunt.

    The driver comes to call Sid to come with him.

    They get downstairs and Sid sees the little girl sitting in his boot.

    She greets him cheerily and he responds in like manner.

    He calls Roshni on the phone to come down.

    He asks the little girl how she got in and she says the boot was open.

    Roshni comes down and asks the girl for her name.

    She says her name is Ayeesha.

    Sid asks about her parents

    She says her father is dead and she doesn’t know where her mother is because she got separated from her a long time ago.

    Sid asks if she has an address so they can help her look for her mummy.

    She gives him the note with her and it contains the address of DD’s house.

    Sid and Roshni wonder why she has that address.

    They tell her she will stay with them will they find her mummy.

    Sid carries her and they all move into the house.

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