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Frequently Asked Questions & Procedure To Register For The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)

Here are details on Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) PQE 2019 Registration for Nigerian graduates who currently posses NCE, PGDE, B.Sc(Ed), B.Ed, M.ed and PhD certifications and are currently teaching or would teach in schools.


The TRCN application form requires information which is to be supplied online.
To access the form, navigate to go to Registration, Click online registration, go to application Submission System, Start a New eRegistration form. OR log on to: and go to the e-services click on Teachers eRegistration.


1 Category ‘A’ (Ph.D holders in
Education or with Education qualification) — N5,000

2 Category ‘B’ (Masters in Education
or Masters in other fields with Education qualification) — N4,000

3 Category ‘C’ (Degree in Education or
Degree in other fields with Education qualification) — N3,500

4 Category ‘D’ (NCE) — N3,000

(i) That the exam fee does not cover cost for Registration. Candidate who passed the examination will still pay registration fee for eventual registration as professional teachers. (ii) On the remitta portal candidate are to click on “PQE application fee”


Requirements for registration;

  • 2 recent passports
  • Photocopies each of Certificate; Birth certificate/Affidavit, State/LGA of Origin certificate SSCE/NECO cert.


Below are the categories of Qualifications that are accepted for TRCN Online registration and their fees?

  • Ph.D in Education or Ph.D in other field + NCE, PDE, PGDE — 10,000
  • M.Ed/MSc (Ed) or Masters in other field + NCE, PDE or PGDE — 8,000
  • B.Sc (Ed)/B.Ed or Degree in other field + NCE, PDE or PGDE — 6,000
  • NCE — 3,000


Below are answers to frequently asked question on Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) 2019 PQE Registration Procedures, Requirement for Registration, Deadline and more:

What is Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)?

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is a department under the auspices of THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION charged with the responsibility of licensing teachers in the teaching field of the country.

I am a registered teacher in Nigeria, how do I acquire a license to teach?

  1. To acquire a Teaching license you have to pay an amount commensurate to your qualification E.g. PhD = N5, 000, Masters =N4, 000, Degree =N3, 000 and NCE = N2, 000 into TRCN account and submit the bank teller, your credentials, TRCN registration number and your signature for the processing of the license by the Council. The license is renewed after three (3) years.
  2. To maintain your professional status you must pay annual subscription and this is according to your qualification as mentioned above.

Where can i get my TRCN License?
TRCN license can be obtained in any TRCN state office including the FCT.

I have registered with TRCN, how do I get a confirmation to enable me get a teaching job in a foreign country?

You need to obtain a letter of professional standing from the Council which will attests to your Professional standing and confirm that you have not been convicted of any misconduct and have not breached any requirements of registration.

To obtain letter of professional standing, you apply to the council along with photocopies of your credential, TRCN certificate, a letter of request for professional standing from the foreign country where you are seeking for employment, payment of thirty thousand naira (N30,000) to TRCN account and the teller attached to the application.

What international relevance will TRCN certificate add to my teaching career in a foreign country?

Without the Council’s Certificate and confirmation, you will not be recognized as a teacher anywhere in the world.

The certificate will also improve your chances of gaining employment in the foreign country of your choice.

Does TRCN have periodic publications?

Yes! TRCN has a lot of publications, e.g. The Nigerian Journal of Professional Teachers (NJPT) which is sold for N1, 000 per copy.
The Council also publish a Quarterly Professional Diary which is given free to all stakeholders within and outside Nigeria free of charge. Other publications include Code of Conduct, Introducing TRCN, Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers, and National Benchmark for Post Graduate Diploma in Education. You can visit TRCN Website to read the publications and even download them as reference materials.

What is TIP and TDC?

TIP and TDC are acronyms for Teachers Investigating Panel and Teachers Disciplinary Committee respectively.
These are sub-organs of the Council established by law to enforce professional ethics and conduct in the teaching profession. While the TIP consists of a panel of 4 eminent teachers and a legal practitioner appointed for each of the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT): the TDC is domiciled at TRCN Headquarters.

The TIP investigates allegations of misconduct, violation of teachers’ code of conduct, negligence or incompetence labeled against a registered professional teacher and report significant cases to the TDC for trial and sanction.

What are the possible sanctions on teachers investigated with proven cases of violation of ethics, incompetence or negligence?

Registered teachers confirmed to have violated code of ethics or adjudged incompetent or negligent on their duties stand the risk of fine, suspension for months and deletion of name from the Teachers Register. In extreme case of de-registration the person will cease to serve as a teacher anywhere in Nigeria.

Is TRCN Recognized by other international professional regulatory bodies?
TRCN is a prominent member of the world body of Teaching Councils called IFTRA – International Forum for Teaching Regulatory Authorities.
TRCN is also a member and Headquarter of AFTRA – Africa Forum of Teaching Regulatory Authorities. You can visit them at: for more information

What is the difference between IFTRA and AFTRA?

IFTRA is the international forum while AFTRA is the African forum.

Is it compulsory that I come to TRCN Abuja to be registered online?

No, TRCN has branch offices in the 36 states of the Federation including FCT. To register online anywhere in Nigeria, locate TRCN office in your state where you will be linked up with e-Registration agent through the TRCN state coordinator for your online Registration.

If I wish to change my name as a result of marital status to reflect on my certificate what do I do?

The applicants must provide a change of name advert or marriage certificate for documentation which will be noted for update in the TRCN database.

I am a degree holder without teaching qualification, how do I become a professional teacher?

To become a professional teacher you need to obtain professional Diploma in Education (PDE) or Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) certificates. The two programmes are post graduate programs that qualify one to be a professional teacher.

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