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Facebook Launch New “Secret Crush” Feature For Dating

Facebook has announced a new feature, Secret Crush , which is similar to Tinder and allows you to swipe up to the people you have a crush on.

This latest Secret Crush feature will allow you to add up at most nine people to your Secret crush list. If someone else put you in their list and that person is also in your list, it is going to be a match and will be notified to both people that you have a crush on each other.

But if it is only added by one person but not the other person, the names will stay secret.

While many people even said this secret feature can go wrong as most of the people would match each other to bully or to make fun of each other.

You must be at least 18 years or older to use this feature, people below this age group will be unable to use it.

How to get Facebook’s Secret Feature?

This feature has started rolling out in Europe and soon be coming to the United States and it will be released for everyone in the world. If you do not see this feature as of now, do not panic, as it must take time to be available for use.

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