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Did You Know? Mango Seeds (Gutli) Can Cure Any Kind of Infection?

Mango is known as the king of fruits, It is known to have several health benefits the funny thing is that it’s not just the fruit, its seeds, flowers, and the bark also have therapeutic properties, meaning they have healing powers.

Hope we are following, now let me delve into telling you about the Mango seed and how to carry it out.

Mango seed is also known as gutli and it is generally consumed in the powdered form or converted into oil or butter. The seed or grain that you normally throw away and neglected, has many things you wished you knew earlier and the large creamy white seed in the center of a mango and it has a dense supply of nutrients and antioxidants. All you need to do is clean and mix them into powder or paste and even butter. Mango gutli is edible and has a lot to offer.

Now i will tell you how to prepare the powdered many seed, please follow this procedure one after the other and come to the comment box with your testimonies.

Firstly, after getting your mango seed you dry for a day and grind.

Secondly, you can do it in two ways the dry mango seed magic, or the paste looking mango seed magic.

For the dry one, you don’t add water when you grind, but for the paste one, you add water when you grind.

Thirdly, i prefer the paste, because it can be applied to the site of action and you will get your results. Now for the paste, the water you will use is the water you get from bitter leaf, after squeezing the leaf for the water, you add it to the mango seed and grind.

Then it is done.

Now lastly, let me tell you the diseases it cures.

It cures vaginitis and leucorrhea, by applying this paste to the site of action for 3 days and you are healed.

It is a cure for piles, for piles you need the dry powdered one and take it two times a day for 5 days and you are good to go.

It also helps to get rid of dandruff, just apply the paste to the site area for two times a day for 3 days.

It keeps diabetics and cardiovascular diseases away from you, by taking the powdered one with honey heart diseases and diabetes runs away.

It can also keep your hair healthy, and also ensures you have an healthy skin.

It can act as a pain relieve from scorpion bite just drink it and energy surges into you like someone that is high.

How does Mango heal all these diseases i know that’s your next question, and you know me i always come with proof.

Mango seed contains a lot of antioxidants, remember it is called “king of fruits” they are polyphenols, a plant compounds that function as antioxidants, mangiferin, catechins, anthocyanins, quercetin, kaempferol, rhamnetin, benzoic acid and many others.

These are the compounds that helps it fight all the fights.

Remember health is wealth and information they say is power, so don’t be greedy about the news, tell your friends because you might be helping someone today.

SOURCE: Ipvforum

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