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COVID-19: Researchers Recommend Cocoa-Zobo-Ginger Beverage as Immune Booster against Diseases

In the wake  of the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic, a group of Researchers at the Federal University of Technology Akure, FUTA  led by Nathaniel Fagbemi  a Professor of Food Science Technology, has recommended the regular  consumption of  a blend of  Cocoa-Zobo-Ginger beverage  which  has the potential to boost  immunity of people against communicable diseases and viruses .

The Cocoa-Zobo-Ginger beverage with high antioxidant potential was developed by the FUTA Researchers from blends of  Hibiscus sabdariffa (zobo) and ginger blends and Natural Cocoa Powder. 

The beverage possesses high antioxidant activities and show potential as a health security beverage that can boost immunity against diseases and viruses.

The researchers said though Oxidation reactions were necessary for life especially during respiration, complex electron transfer and incomplete reduction of oxygen can result into generation of highly reactive and damaging Reactive Oxygen Species leading to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been associated with the cause of significant damage to biological molecules such as lipids, proteins, DNA and development of chronic diseases such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorder and weakening of immune system.

They said research has shown that though the human  body has physiological defense mechanism, which produces antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage, additional antioxidants may be necessary during severe oxidative stress and for constant maintenance of oxidative balance.

Functional beverages that are high in antioxidants like the Zobo-Ginger-Cocoa drink  can adequately protect against oxidative stress and boost immunity in case of stress or diseases.

 They said a better immunity help to fend off diseases and also improves chances of survival of ill persons. 

The Cocoa-Zobo-Ginger beverage could be made in cold or hot water extracts making it vital in the hot tropical climate as well as in the cold Harmattan seasons obtained in Nigeria. 

They said its ingredients were easily available and can be made and enjoyed by all strata of the society.

The University has the Cocoa-Zobo-Ginger beverage blends in sachets which has been developed and exhibited in many NUC organized university trade fairs and scientific exhibitions and would be ready to enter into partnership with Government agencies and other interested stakeholders  for mass production . 

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Joseph Fuwape, said FUTA would continue to respond to emerging national and global trends and challenges through relevant researches and product development.

Champion Newspaper

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