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Covid-19: Prison Sealed Off As Hundreds Of Inmates sit On Bare Ground Semi-naked

El Salvador’s prisons in Central American countries have been sealed off. The exposed photos show that in a prison, prisoners sit on the ground one by one, even though they are all wearing masks.

According to the Daily Mail, the number of murders per day in El Salvador has increased to 22, and President Nayib Bukele has ordered a 24-hour blockade of the prison where gang members are held and the gang leaders to be held alone.

Images of the blockade of the izalco prison were exposed. Hundreds of prisoners, all wearing masks and close to each other, were sitting naked together. Armed police were watching over them.

“No contact with the outside world, shops closed, all events cancelled until further notice,” Nayib Bukele wrote.

A few years ago, El Salvador had the highest murder rate in the Americas, and when Mr. Bukele came to power, the number of crimes dropped significantly. There were 22 cases, the most murders in the country in a day since Black took office.

Since the outbreak spread in the Americas, El Salvador has taken strict epidemic prevention measures, and has imposed a blockade since the end of March.

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