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Covid-19 Lockdown: How to Survive as a Teacher

The lockdown has been lifted for over two weeks now, however, most professions still remain under lock and one of these set of people are teachers.

Teachers are people that make their living from teaching, but with schools currently on lockdown, this means of livelihood has been seriously affected.

Teachers all over Nigeria are complaining of lack, but this doesn’t have to be as they can make money through other means and good money at that.

Here are some proven ways teachers can earn money this period

1. Take Private Lessons

With kids’ continued stay at home, they are bound to start forgetting things and parents are scared of this.

You can position yourself to become a home lesson teacher in two or three homes and get to earn enough to keep both body and soul alive.

Lesson teachers earn a take-home of between 15,000 – 50,000 , depending on the location and the IRS bargaining power.

You’d need to put words out that you offer such services so you can get employed. Let people know you are in need of home lessons and you’ll be amazed at the number you will get.

2. Go Into Freelancing

You can also decide to go into freelancing and make your money writing articles on a variety of subjects.

People make a lot of money from freelancing. It’s possible to make over a thousand dollars freelancing, if you know what you are doing and $1,000 in today’s money is well over three hundred and fifty thousand.

With this kind of earning, you must likely won’t be returning to teaching even when schools get opened.

Sites you can freelance on include:

– Freelancer

– Guru

– Problogger

– Fiverr

3. Write a Book

You can write a book on any subject of your choice, especially on kids and publish it for money.

To get things going, you can advertise your book on Facebook so more people get to see it.

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