Breaking: Ogun Begins Community Police Recruitment

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The Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, Kenneth Ebrimson has disclosed that the recruitment of special constables in the state will begin this week.

According to him, the recruitment is aimed at fighting crime at the grassroots as part of efforts to encourage community policing in the state.

Ebrimson said this on Wednesday, at the inauguration ceremony of the new executives of the Police Community Relations Committee in the state led by Samson Popoola.

The special constables will be trained on police operations and will be given police uniforms, but without badge.

Note that, the special constables are not the same as regular police officers but are like neighborhood watch members that will be attached with regular police officers and aid them in accessing communities, sourcing information and generally lias between communities and the police force.

Due to the worsening security situation in the country, Nigerians across board have been calling for the decentralization of the Nigerian Police Force, NPF into state police forces.

This did not sit well with some. As a compromise, the police opted to recruit special constables to help in community policing like the case in Ogun.


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