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Application Deadlines: Studying In Austria, Finland, France, Netherlands, Spain & Luxembourg

If you are applying for admission into any university abroad, the first thing you should check is the application times and deadlines for the different programs offered by the university. Different universities have different admission times and deadlines. In this article we shall take a look at six European countries admission application times and deadlines.

We have taken time to find out the application times and deadlines of these European countries, so when you are applying for admission into any of their institutions, take note of these deadlines. This is very important since applications sent after deadlines are not usually considered by the university admissions department.

So find below the admission application times and deadlines for study in Austria, Finland, France, Netherlands, Spain and Luxembourg.

Application Deadline for study in Austria

There are two general admission periods for studies at university in Austria with the deadlines as explained below:

  • September 1: submit your application before September 1 for studies in thewinter semester.
  • February 1: for studies in the summer semester.

Extended application period for EU students

After the general admission period expires, the extended admission period starts. Through the extended admission period, students from the European Union can also apply for university studies in Austria according to the extended deadlines listed below:

  • November 30: for studies in the winter semester.
  • April 30: for studies in the summer semester.

Application Deadlines for study in Finland

If you apply for studies at a university or polytechnic through the joint application system, you will have to consider the application deadlines as seen below.

Application deadlines for studies at Polytechnics in Finland

For study programs conducted in English, the usual application period starts approximately 6 months in advance of the beginning of the program. For example, if your program starts in autumn, the deadlines will most likely be by February. Please note that you must submit all supporting documentation before the deadline expires in order for your application to be considered. About 2 months after the deadlines expires, your university of applied sciences/polytechnic will inform you whether you have been admitted to the program you applied for. You will have to confirm you accept your study place after that.

Application deadlines for studies at Universities in Finland

The application period begins aroundNovember and runs through February – April depending on the study program. Please, check at the institution website the specific deadline for the course of your choice.

Application Deadlines for study in France

The academic year in France begins on 1st October and ends on 30 June, and it is divided into two semesters:

  • First semester: runs from early October through late January
  • Second semester: runs from early February through late May

At the end of each semester, students are called to take their exams.

It’s advisable that you start the admission process by January.

Application Deadlines for study in Netherlands

Application deadlines in the Netherlandsvary depending on the study program or course. In general, you should apply for studies some months in advance before the academic semester starts. The winter semester starts in the first week of September and the summer semesterstarts in February.

Application Deadlines for study in Spain

Though application deadlines for study in Spain may vary depending on the institution, there are usually 3 intake periods for studies at Spanish universities and colleges and they are:

  • First week of June: for studies beginning in the fall semester (October).
  • First week of September: late applications for studies beginning in the fall semester (October).
  • First week of December: for studies beginning in the spring semester (February).

Application Deadlines for study in Luxembourg

There are two main application periods for study in Luxembourg and  they are:

From January to February for studies in the summer semester (from February to June)

From July to September for studies in the winter semester (from September to January)

If you are interested in studying a master’s program for the first time in Luxembourg, you may apply throughout the year.

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