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13 FAQ And Answers On FMARD/PACE 2020 Recruitment

A lot of people have been asking questions about FMARD Registration and how to get the test link. We have decided to come up with 13 frequently asked questions and answers that will help understand what the FMARD Recruitment is all about.

See below the questions and answers:

1. What is the meaning of FMARD

FMARD is Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the ministry that manage the farmers’ input and output in Nigeria.

2. What is the meaning of PACE

PACE is Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Planning, they are in charge of distributing farm equipment to the farmers.

3. How can I Register for FMARD on the website

The official website of FMARD is:

Click the link and fill the Registration form.

4. Can I still registration?

Yes, you can still register on the official website and fill the Registration form.

5. How can I write the test?

After you have filled the registration form, you will need to activation your account by clicking the link that will be sent to your email, you need to wait for some days to receive a mail to write your 40 minutes test.

6. What is the pass mark of the test before I can be selected?

The pass mark of FMARD test is 50%

7. What can be expected in the test?

Just a simple test to know if you can use an Android phone and internet to fill a survey form.

8. What can I do if I didn’t received the link for test?

You can comment on their Official twitter page or join the FMARD Community at Send your LGA, Name, phone number and email address to the technical teams.

9. I can’t access the test link? 

Send your LGA, Name, Phone Numbers and email to technical teams on Twitter or their Community

10. What next if I have scored 50%

FMARD will send you a successful mail that you are now an enumerator.

11. How much is my salary per month after becoming an enumerator

N300 per survey. You daily income will depend on the number of farmers you are able to register.

12. Who are Eligible to register for FMARD

Npower beneficiaries are eligible to register.

13. Can I register if I am not Npower beneficiary

No, you can’t register, only Npower beneficiaries are given this opportunity

Thanks for your time.

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