Think Smart, Get that Job in 30 days!

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NO work experience?
Above age limit for employment?
Low confidence?
No skill?

No worries, “THINK SMART, GET THAT JOB IN 30 DAYS” is actually the eBook to show you how to surmount those hurdles. Parading a substantial 11years studying and researching the Nigerian labour market, analysing reports, corresponded with/for recruitment agencies, worked with HR for 6years, this eBook is an ingenuous compilation by an experienced author who out of compassion shared the HIDDEN secret known only by few, in order to put a smile on your face and change your jobless “self inflicted” situation.

Let’s face it; so, you lacked hands-on experience, lacked skill sets, above age limit, not proximate to job location, born a Nigerian with a staggering unemployment rate of roughly 60 million, etc., what do you do? You need to THINK SMART! Your brains has about 100 billion neurons (or nerve cells)… please put it to better use and stop sulking!

The 39-page book at a synoptic glance encapsulates a Chapter One, captioned: “BAD NEWS FIRST!”, which unequivocally discusses that the joblessness of many Nigerians is self-inflicted, as a result of their unemployable skills, ignorance, get-rich-quick syndrome, distance to job locations, poverty etc., as against the impression that the government is wholesomely responsible.
Chapters two, three, and four teaches basic observable rules as it relates to seeking jobs in the private sector majorly. It discusses the principles of the 20th Century which most job seekers have been flouting, hence the not-too-favourable outcomes. The importance of the internet, sampled CV templates for most jobs, how to articulate and exude confidence in your CV, what to include, what to omit, how to make HRM/recruiters find you ” appealing”, etc.

And the Chapter five, captioned: “THE POWER OF PACKAGING”, hits the jugular! This is where you learn “packaging” and the hidden SECRET it entails. How you can get yourself 5 job interviews each week! How to send application appropriately, what recruiter’s expectations are, how not having a skill or inexperienced does not debar you from being eligible to apply to the very good jobs your heart have been yearning for, how you can twist the challenges of age, inexperience, no skill sets, distance to job locations etc., in your favour. The follow-up options and observable approaches after submitting applications, how to ace interview Q&A, what to expect at the interview based on profession and chosen career, answers that qualifies your competence, etc. These and many more is what you stand to learn from this book.

Let’s meet at the other side and make it a cheery encounter together. Shall we?


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