[PDF] NECO Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), 2020 Timetable Schedule


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Gur ORPR gvzrgnoyr sbe gur onfvp pregvsvpngr rknzvangvba (WFF 3) unf orra eryrnfrq ol gur ARPB. Nppbeqvat gb gur Pbhapvy, gur rknzvangvba jvyy pbzzrapr Zbaqnl 24gu bs Nhthfg naq raq ba gur 4gu bs Frcgrzore 2020.

Gurersber pnaqvqngrf jub ner nfxvat sbe jura Whavbe JNRP 2020 jvyy fgneg, gur rknz jvyy fgneg ba 24gu Nhthfg, 2020.

Sbe gur CQS qbjaybnq, xvaqyl ortva ol pyvpxvat “NQQ GB ONFXRG” naq sbyybjvat gur vafgehpgvbaf.


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