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Smart Start Kindergarten has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the National
Early Childhood Curriculum for ages 3–5 years in Nigeria.

As emphasised in the curriculum, Smart Start Kindergarten is based on the following:
• The provision of excellent care and support for young children
• An enabling environment for children to survive, grow and thrive physically, socially,
emotionally, intellectually and spiritually
• An integrated approach that comprises programmes in health, nutrition, water and
environmental sanitation, psychological care, early learning, child protection and rights
• The preparation of children for a smooth transition into primary school, thus ensuring universal access to primary education.
What is an integrated approach to ECD?

As emphasised in the curriculum, Smart Start Kindergarten is based on the integrated approach to early childhood development (ECD).

An integrated approach means the presentation of content in broad, all-encompassing themes rather than in isolated units. This ensures the all-round development of the child. The curriculum identifies eight themes for ECD and specifies further topics under each theme. The eight themes
• Physical Development
• Affective/Psycho-social Development
• Cognitive Development
• Food and Nutrition
• Health
• Water and Environmental Sanitation
• Safety Measures
• Protection Issues

How is Smart Start Kindergarten organised?
Smart Start Kindergarten presents a unified scheme of work, which is based on the themes and topics of the curriculum. The scheme of work is arranged into eight teachable Kindergarten subjects, which are:
• Letter Work
• Number Work
• Civic Education
• Basic Science & Technology
• Physical and Health Education (PHE)
• Social Habits
• Food and Nutrition
• Health Habits


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