How To Be Inventive When Teaching Primary School Mathematics






How to be Inventive When Teaching Primary Mathematics is a pocket guide to inspire primary teachers to become confident, effective, imaginative teachers who enjoy teaching and whose pupils enjoy learning. It is packed with exciting, creative, unexpected ideas to help teachers and pupils open their eyes
to the mathematical world around them.

It gives teachers the tools to develop their own classroom activities and experiences, supporting learners as they move fluently between mathematical
ideas and develop their ownership of mathematics: take your pupils on a maths walk, meet dinosaurs, visit art galleries, learn your destiny number, create your first human graph in the play – ground and learn how to be an algebra magician.

Written by Steve Humble, expert teacher, teacher trainer and, as Dr Maths, advocate for the power and potential of math – amatics, this friendly, stimulating guide offers a fresh, practical approach to teaching mathematics based on the best research and practice, and years of experience in the field. Focussing on
five key mathematical topics – number, geometry, measurement, statistics and algebra – it is structured in the form of a journey, introducing historical facts, ideas for innovative and inventive.


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