Cambridge Primary School English (Teacher’s Guide)






Welcome to the Cambridge Primary Teacher Guide for English.
This guide is designed to provide a suggested approach to the implementation and management of Cambridge Primary in your school.
It offers:

• The educational philosophy of the Cambridge programme
• An introduction to the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework
• Step- by- step guidance on the planning process, with exemplification at each
point and helpful teacher training activities with resources
• Advice on differentiation and how to integrate this into your teaching
• Suggested techniques for implementing formative assessment and
integrating this into your lesson planning
• Two sample lesson plans per stage with activities and resources to help get
you started
• Advice on monitoring
• Advice on classroom practice
• Advice on resources
• Information on Progression Tests and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests
• Guidance on support and training available from Cambridge
• Guidance on administration
A Comprehensive Scheme of Work
In addition to extracts provided in this guide, a full scheme of work covering
the entire programme has been provided to help you get started. As we will
explain, a scheme of work is a process rather than a rigid structure and these
plans should be constantly amended in response to your own observations as
a classroom teacher and other local considerations including the resources you may already have available at your school. These schemes of work are therefore in no way compulsory and simply offer a suggested starting point for covering the content of the curriculum within a suggested year of three terms each of 10 weeks duration. These can be expanded to suit the number of weeks available in your own terms and the holiday arrangements at your school.

Also provided are two sample lesson plans for each stage, complete with
activities and resources to help get you started immediately at whichever point
you begin delivering the programme.


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