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NPOWER TRANSITION: Lagos state chapter releases important update for beneficiaries

To Lagos State N-Power Volunteers

Kindly read the memo below in view of the data update activities ongoing since the last few days.

The office of Lagos State Focal person is yet to get a memo from the FMHDS to collate biodata of exited N-Power volunteers (Batch A & Batch B). We showed her what other states are doing but she insisted Lagos will only act when she gets an official email from the ministry.

It should be noted, the office of Lagos State Focal person has sent an email to FMHDS to verify the authenticity of the information flying around. As soon as feedback is gotten, we shall keep everyone posted.

At this point, we urge every N-Power volunteer in Lagos to be patient. We understand we are all eager to pen down our details however, if we must do it, it has to be authentic and genuine.


Lagos N-Power Representative.

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