Npower Absorption: Nigerians vote overwhelmingly in support on Twitter poll survey

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Recall that in July, the N-Power beneficiaries who are about to exit the programme held a rally at the National Assembly Complex, requesting FG to re-employ them and also they pay them a grant of N600,000 each.

The survey conducted on the Daily Times official Twitter account with the question, “Should the federal government absorb all #N-Power beneficiaries and give them permanent employment?” returned with majority of voters saying “Yes”.

Nigerians on Twitter gave several reasons why the beneficiaries deserve to be given permanent employment in the sectors that they functioned.

Ajayi Bukola @justcallbukiZO said;

Yes because the majority of them have imparted greatly in their various sectors. Some schools have fewer teachers. N-teach is more reason some parent take their wards to public schools because they add value to education, they are vibrant, resilient, very active, and ready to work.

Stat tuned to this page as we update you as the struggle for permanent employment continues.

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