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Npower: 3 Things Beneficiaries Should Expect Ahead Of April Payment

N-Power is a social investment programme organized by the Federal Government in order to eradicate problems of unemployment in Nigeria. The programme commenced in 2016 by the Federal Government. 

Some weeks ago, beneficiaries were still expecting their March stipend from the Federal Government. While some of them started receiving the payment two weeks ago, some are yet to receive theirs. This is after another month the beneficiaries have worked and are entitled to be paid. 

Meanwhile, some of these beneficiaries who have not received their March stipend till date have gone to the social media to show their grievances. 

Now, the month of April has ended, N-Power beneficiaries are on the look out for their monthly stipend for April. 

These are the things beneficiaries should expect concerning the payment of April Stipend:

1. It should be expected that there may be early payment of April stipend because the payment platform of Federal Government social investment beneficiaries has been harmonized with the payment of the Federal Government employees according to Mr Afolabi Imuokhuede, Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation. So there is possibilities that beneficiaries may be paid earlier than before. 

2. Beneficiaries may not have problems receiving their Stipend from banks owing to the fact that the scheme is working vigorously to see that no one receives his stipend late among the beneficiaries like it happened to March stipend.

 3. Also, some beneficiaries who are no longer with the scheme may not receive April Stipend and there may also be reversal of March stipend by the scheme.

This is will be a thing of joy to the beneficiaries if the they are paid on time. 

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