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[Funny Photos] Npower Applicants Storm Social Media To Celebrate Successful Registration

Npower, a social intervention and empowerment program by the federal government has now become a highly sought job since the scheme opened its portal for another round of recruitment for batch C.

At inception, the program recorded 300,000 intakes in 2016 which were quickly tagged as the “Batch A”. The Buhari government in a bid to address the high unemployment rate in the country came up with the initiative which was initially under the direct supervision of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Volunteers were to serve for 2years under the graduate categories with monthly stipends payment of N30,000 (Thirty thousand naira), while the skilled category consisting of the N-Build and Creative were to be trained, empowered with professional tools and paid N10,000 for 6months.

With lethargy and distrust, most nigerians shunned the process at outset believing it will be riddled with similar politics that has bastardized many of the Nigerian agencies. But with his reputation and integrity on the line, the vice president was able to oversee the first recruitment process and the second one in a fair and open manner that made Nigerians believe in the scheme.

Going forward, the Npower initiative with over half a million volunteers trained and empowered with professional skills and provided with tools to help them in their chosen future careers; has become a choice job for many graduates and non graduates who have been unable to find a quality jobs due to the high unemployment rate. To worsen the situation, the corona virus pandemic exacerbated an already bad situation with more and more nigerians out of job and losing their jobs daily.

At this juncture, nothing else could be more gladdening than the news that the government planned to recruitment a staggering 400,000 new volunteers into the Npower program, while the old beneficiaries are “transitioned”.

To highlight the anxiety and overzealousness that greeted the recruitment process from the very moment the portal was opened for applications; reportedly over a million applications was received from interested Nigerians within 48hrs and 3 million successful application in just a week of portal opening.

These are not surprising scenario going by the already dire economic situation of most nigerians aggravated by the pandemic. What is most surprising is the fact that certain applicants who have successfully scaled the hurdle of the first recruitment process; the registration, will go on social media with colorfully designed posters to celebrate their successful registration for the Npower program.

Below are funny customized photos of some youths who successfully applied for the Npower and hoping to be engaged soon;

They should be reminded that registration isn’t tantamount to automatic selection. There are several hurdles ahead before the final selection process. Perhaps, they have been assured of selection by a politician, going by the allegation of slot sharing to political office holders by the ministry in charge of the process.

Well, we hope credibility and fairness comes to play once again just as it was done in the recruitment process of the Batch A and B of the scheme.

For update on Npower and other government social intervention programs kindly join the Npower 2020/2021 WhatsApp Group here for the news and events as it breaks.

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