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Free Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) English Questions & Answers 2020

In the question below choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

1. He is loved for his ALTRUISM.


A) benevolence

B) sincerity

C) selfishness √

D) selflessness

E) kindness

2. To most people, last Christmas was an AUSTERE period


A) prosperous √

B) harsh

C) severe

D) sour

E) stern

3. The chief was GENEROUS in his award of university scholarships


A) nobel

B) considerate

C) liberal

D) mean √

E) honest

Choose the option that best best completes the gap(s).

4. His father hardly misses the news because he goes about with his _________ radio?


A) pointable

B) pottable

C) potable

D) portable √

5. The clubs were not _________ on a solid ethical base?


A) funded

B) found

C) created

D) founded √

6. He wrote to you, _________?


A) hadn’t he

B) wouldn’t he

C) didn’t he √

D) hasn’t he

7. Everybody is allowed to _________ his view on state matters?


A) air √

B) hear

C) show

D) share

8. For beating_________ his coursemate, Agbji was _________ from the university?


A) up / rusticated √

B) on / expelled

C) at / removed

D) away / sent out

9. We have been living peacefully here but _________ hear rumours of war?Options

A) again

B) slowly

C) occasionally √

D) eventually

10. Our neighbor was attracted by the _________ from my mother’s cooking?


A) flavour

B) strench

C) scent

D) aroma √

Select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

11. You are to write a report and give it to the security office?


A) After writting your report, give it to the security office

B) You are writting a report, as the security office directed

C) The report you are writting should be given to the securityoffice

D) You have been ordered to write a report, which you will give to the security office √

12. I owe you far less than you owe me?


A) My debt to you is greater than yours to me

B) Your debt is not much greater than mine

C) What we owe each other is approximately the same

D) I owe you something, but you owe me much more √

13. I think she takes her guardian’s support for granted?


A) Her guardian has been helping her for a long time, and she is very grateful to him

B) She wants her guardian to grant her more support

C) She thinks her guardian will nom longer support her as he has been doing

D) Her guardian has been helping her for a long time, but she does not show enough gratitude √

14. The dispute over land acquisition has come to a head?


A) The problem has reached crisis proportions √

B) The problem has been referred to the headquarters

C) Because of the dispute, land acquisition has now been halted

D) The problem has now been solved

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the word underlined.

15. The party men revelled all night when the election results were announced?


A) celebrated √

B) mourned

C) fought

D) discussed

16. He is a prolific writer?


A) a very productive √

B) a well-known

C) a clever

D) an influential

17. The judge emphasized his morbid desires in his judgement?


A) inordinate

B) uncritical

C) revenous

D) unpleasant √

18. Because Jamium is so easily offended, he was not considered for the post of head boy?


A) irritable √

B) stubborn

C) troublesome

D) docile

19. Adamu is rather meddlesome in dealing with his friends.


A) impertinent √

B) intimidating

C) quarrelsome

D) uncaring

20. The government has announced its preparedness for the scheme?


A) determination

B) regret

C) pleasure

D) readiness √

Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

21. Cock?


A) cop √

B) cope

C) cork

D) cup

22. Says?


A) fierce

B) dam

C) wet √

D) rain

Choose the option opposite in meaning to the underlined word(s).

23. In our last play, Segun acted the hero?


A) villain √

B) devil

C) criminal

D) assassin

24. The police found a conclusive proof of the boy’s guilt?


A) a corroborative

B) a doubtful √

C) a consolatory

D) an incriminating

25. The notice reads, ‘No cash transactions in this hall ‘ ?


A) money

B) gainful

C) business

D) cheque √

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