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COVID-19: #10 Billion To Be Shared To Nigerians Through Their Bank Accounts

The Head of Operations of CHOPBARH GAMING LTD (CGL) Mr Olanrewaju Idowu has disclosed that their company will be disbursing up to 10 BILLION NAIRA as intervention funds to Nigerians directly into their bank accounts.

He revealed this in a post released on their official social media handles @chopbarh (instagram and twitter)
His statement reads thus:

“Fellow Nigerians,
It is no longer news that the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 caused by the corona virus has hit the world by storm. It has shown itself to have no boundaries nor recognize any borders. Top government officials and dignitaries in the world have contracted it regardless of religion or race.

It is in light of this event that our chairman has decided to release up to 10 BILLION NAIRA in intervention funds directly to Nigerians to help those who are unable to work during this period to purchase essential items like food, face-masks, hand sanitizers, etc.

Each person can get between N5,000 – N50,000 depending on their needs.
We are aware that N10 BILLION NAIRA would not be enough to serve all Nigerians, but we hope to touch and impact as many people as we can.

In order to access your share of the N10 BILLION, please follow these steps;

Go to
Download the ChopBarh app it is Available for Android and iPhones
Register or Login
Select Games and then Select Dice
Select Fify-Five mode
Choose the option you want and Wait for it to load
Once loading Is complete, you will get a prompt asking you to shake your Phone.. Pls Make sure you Shake your phone to win
If you win you will receive between N5,000 – N50,000
If you don’t win you can try the process again.
When you win go to Manage Funds to withdraw your cash directly to your bank account

Please note that these Funds are reserved for people who need it the most. Therefore, we implore Nigerians who do not need this funds or who have other sources of income not to participate in order to enable the funds reach the people who need it.

To keep yourself engaged during the lockdown you can also play Whot, Ludo and Snooker on the app and make extra Barh with your skills without having to leave the safety of your house.
Corona is Real! Pls spread the news, be safe, stay at home and God save Nigeria, thank you.”

A video containing the full statement can be found here


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