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Choose the word or phrase A to D which has the same meaning as the underlined word in each sentence numbered 21 – 25
Writing for newspapers is exciting and lucrative especially when one is a freelance journalist
An unattached (b) an eloquent (c) a convincing (d) a political
In some parts of our society, people are ostracized purely on the basis of their parentage.
Shut off from others (b) hated (c) locked (d) abandoned
In a civilized society, it is unseemly to emit a loud belch at the end of a meal
Annoying (b) stupid (c) outrageous (d) impolite
While the mother and father were arguing furiously their little boy sat patiently taking in everything they said.
Noting (b) absorbing (c) embracing (d) accepting
He has never been a good mediator, even in minor family disputes ,because in most cases, his views are mostly jaundiced
Prejudiced (b) suspicious (c) sick (d) colored
Instruction: choose the word that is most suitable to fill the numbered gap in the passages for the questions numbered 26 – 30
Most fixed fees, insurance companies will help a firm insure against 26__ and provide some 27. Most firms often seek 28 against fire, theft, fraud and other 29_ happenings for which they pay 30 to the insurance companies.


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